Culminatum Innovation, established to implement the “National Centre of Excellence Programme” in Finlandas well as one of the partners of the “Life Markers-project”, and Diaceutics, an international personalized medicine (PM) consulting and software application firm today announced a planned workshop providing leading Finnish researchers with expert training on commercialization strategies for biomarkers in PM.

The workshop, to be held Feb 5-6 in Helsinki, Finland will leverage Diaceutics expertise advising pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies on the development of personalized medicine (PM) business strategies to provide leading Finnish clinical and biomarker researchers a framework for understanding biomarker development and commercialization strategies and best practices to follow, with a special emphasis on early stage research strategies.

Culminatum Innovation, as one of the key Life Markers-project partners, tasked with developing PM expertise in Finland, concentrates on supporting biomarker commercialization and communication activities. The overall Life Markers project is expected to create an established working model for biomarker-based diagnostics development and commercialization in Finland.

“We are delighted to work with Culminatum Innovation, and to leverage their expertise in supporting biomarker research and commercialization, with our expertise in best practices in commercialization, to advance PM in Finland,” said Peter Keeling, chief executive officer of Diaceutics. “This is an exciting time in Helsinki and across Finland in general, as they are making rapid strides into the PM arena. Time invested in considering a broad range of biomarker insights as well as undertaking some initial PM planning steps can be used to empower a biomarker development area focus and guide biomarker commercialization and future planning and resource needs for researchers in the field.”

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Contact for Culminatum Innovation:

Pekka Ihalmo
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