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What is required for business success?

This survey identified 43 pharmaceutical outsourcing  vendor companies  whose  range  of services is distributed over the entire value chain of pharmaceutical R&D. Nonclinical contract research including disease models is provided by six vendors, whereas 13 provide clinical trial services and nine companies are engaged in contract manufacturing. The rest of the companies are active in biostatistics, bioinformatics, and diverse special services. The majority of the vendors are either microenterprises or small enterprises. Only eight are medium-sized or large enterprises employing more than 50 people. The companies are often spin-offs of university groups and are characterized by a high level of know-how. The large enterprises are established companies with a longer life-span or the result of recent consolidations. The turnover of the three largest companies accounts for 58% of the entire business volume (€94 M out of €162 M).

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Case studies of Finnish biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies dispersing into global value chains

This study focused on two primary areas:

  • To determine what can be learned from biotech and drug development companies that suffered from financial problems and ultimately failed at the beginning of the 21st century
  • To determine how intellectual capital developed in accordance with such companies and its fate following business failure

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Master's Thesis in Finance Theory, Olli Arojärvi, 2001, Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration

Two very complex but important fields of science are brought together in this study: valuation and biotechnology.

This study is aimed at providing information and tools for anyone interested in biotechnology, especially from the economic or financial perspective.

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The objective of this guide is to assist in the clarification and organisation of the industry's invention activities. The objective is to assist companies in the drafting of their own code of practice.

Invention forms part of a company's innovation policy and operations. The legal issues associated with inventions are of fundamental importance to a company's operations. The biotechnology industry, particularly start-up and growing companies, has a definite need for a guide on how to deal with employee inventions.

The guide is intended for biotechnology companies in Finland, and is based on the Finnish legislation.