A Special Year for the Biotech Sector

Kemia-Kemi Vol. 40 (2013) 5

Carmela Kantor-Aaltonen


In many ways, the biotech sector in Finland has had a remarkable 2013. It has been a year of enforcement of the biobank law, trading licenses for Finnish drugs, and new strategies for the health care sector and bioeconomy.

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The Future Generation of Bioscientists - Lost or Found?

Kemia-Kemi Vol. 39 (2012) 5

Carmela Kantor-Aaltonen


The level of bioscience education in Finnish universities is high, but the employment rate of bioscientists is worrying. The students need transferable skills to advance their employment, and the biotechnology sector needs governmental support to create jobs and develop into a blooming industry sector.

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New Horizons For the Bioindustry

Kemia-Kemi Vol. 38 (2011) 5

Carmela Kantor-Aaltonen


Bioeconomy could bring new companies and business opportunities to the biotech sector in Finland, but it requires clarification of the ambiguous concept and collaboration between different industry sectors.

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Fulfilling the Promises

Kemia-Kemi Vol. 37 (2010) 5

Carmela Kantor-Aaltonen


Biotechnology is one of the most powerful modern technologies. Although the sector has had its financial setbacks in the past, the strength of the technology will carry it through difficult times and build it up to solve many global problems. In order to succeed, however, the biotech sector needs strong support and investments.

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Finland is a Forerunner in Biomass Refining

Kemia-Kemi Vol. 35 (2008) 5

Niklas von Weymarn


Over the years, Finnish companies have been highly successful in building an industry around the activity of refining biomass into different value-added end-products. In certain segments Finnish companies are, in fact, world leaders.

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