In November 2010, Novamass's former CEO Jouko Uusitalo and the Company changed their relationship. In the new relationship, Jouko demits office as CEO but continues to remain a member of the Board of Directors and a minority Shareholder in Novamass. The Company has made adequate arrangements to grow Novamass's business, both operatively and strategically for its customers. Dr. Juha Saharinen, is leading the strategy, guided by an expanded multidisciplinary Boards of Directors and Advisors.

In addition, through SBW as the group mother company, we have the pleasure to enhance the scope of the Company with senior scientific contributors of PhD / adjunct professor level persons, specializing in drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, in vitro-in vivo extrapolation and bioequivalence studies, to make additional contributions to the level of service you have come to expect. Our services and quality will be maintained by the same and recently expanded scientific and technical team (excluding Dr Ari Tolonen, who has left earlier). We also aim to broaden the range of services at SBW/novamass and will then inform you accordingly. In addition, majority of the business development activities will be handled by the BD team at SBW.

SBW Ltd is a Finnish integrated CRO corporation offering comprehensive services and platforms in drug discovery, clinical development as well as in functional food and chemical safety. In 2007, SBW acquired a majority interest in Novamass, as part of a joint consolidation effort of ADME/DMPK analytics expertise to SBW.

I would be happy to provide any further information. A brief about what more we can do for you currently is also enclosed.

SBW services (PDF, 200 kB)

On behalf of the Novamass Board of Directors,

Juha Saharinen, Director, PhD

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SBW Ltd.